A regretful decision

Time Line of Events

October 11- Monthly visit from Jen. She had still not filed the appropriate paperwork with MA. It was “on her supervisor’s desk”.

Mid October- MA caseworker told us that the paperwork on his end was all in place. He could not get a hold of Jen to make sure she filed the paper work before the end of October. She only had less than two weeks.

Late October- Jen finally filed the paperwork. We got the official date of November 19 as the adoption day.

November 4- Abby continued telling everyone that she finally had a date for the adoption. She seemed very happy to everyone.

November 6-7 -We started having doubts because of the way Abby was treating us whether or not she truly wanted to be adopted. She continued to be mouthy, sassy, and yelled at us on a daily basis. We talked to Abby, and told her that she could not continue to act this way. She stated she would and that was that. We turned to our mentor and talked with her. She felt Abby should be more “settled” by now, especially since we now had a date in place. This fueled our doubts and needed to talk to someone about them. We could not turn to Conway DCYF office. We called Tammy the next day and scheduled an extra appointment with Alice on Wednesday, November 9.

November 8- We discussed with Tammy by phone, our concerns. We had an appointment with her on November 10, and would continue to work on things.

November 9- Abby came home happy from school. We then got ready and headed out to therapy with Alice. Our appointment was for 4:30. We went into the office first. We discussed with Alice our fears. We wanted to know if Abby truly wanted to be adopted. We asked her to “find out” for us. After about 10 minutes we left, and Abby went in. After about 5 minutes, Abby came out, and showed us a card she could read and was really happy. About 10 -15 minutes later, Abby came out and said Alice wanted us to come back in.

As we sat down, Alice stated that Abby did not want to be adopted, and that Abby felt like she was going to hurt herself and did not want to return home with us. I told Alice that she needed to call 911. She hemmed and hawed, and I told her that if she didn’t dial 911, that I would have to. She tried to talk us into taking Abby home and talking with Tammy the next night. I told her again that 911 had to be called. I had to do it. She would not.

I called from my cell phone while still in Alice’s office. I told the dispatcher that my foster daughter was threatening to hurt herself. I told him that we were in therapy at the time. I gave him the address, and he then had the ambulance and proper team dispatched. He told me to have someone watch her, and make sure she didn’t have anything to eat or drink. He asked if someone would go wait outside. I chose to go outside. Michael followed me out in about 5 minutes. A few minutes later Alice brought Abby outside. She then brought her into the foyer. We were all standing in the foyer for a couple minutes. She then brought her into the waiting room area. I then went back outside when the ambulance pulled into the parking lot. We went in, and the Ossipee police officer, Alice and Abby went into the main therapy office. Michael and I went outside to talk to the state police officer that arrived on the scene. We then went into the conference room and I filled out a hand written police report for the Ossipee police department. Abby was taken to Huggins Hospital. We went to the hospital after I filled out the report. We arrived shortly after the ambulance. We arrived close to 6 p.m. We were told that Abby did not want to go home. We were told that Abby would not be evaluated until close to 11 p.m or after. We wanted to go home and sleep. We had been up since 4:30 a.m We were told that we could not go home and sleep. We were told if we left that we could be charged with child abandonment.

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