A regretful decision

Time Line of Events

We wanted help and support from someone at the Conway office. There must have been someone available to relieve us, and we didn’t receive any support. We thought someone would come, or at least call and tell the hospital that we were not required to stay there because Abby would not be going home with us. No one called or supported us. No one cared that we had just lost a child.

We slept on chairs in the waiting room, or the floor. We were there until 4:30 a.m. Still no support from anyone. NH told us it was a MA problem. MA told us it was a NH problem. We were stuck between two states, and hadn’t slept in 24 hours. If this is the kind of support NH offers it’s foster parents, we don’t want any part of it.

November 10- Gail C. called at approximately 1 pm. She told us “there had been a report to the state of a 13 year old girl out of school, and they had traced it back to Abby”. What kind of lying nonsense does the Conway office pull on people? There would have been no report of her being out of school, since the school was told. I am also sure that Gail had a report on her desk at 8 a.m and was well aware that Abby was not with us, since Abby chose to leave our home and was put into a group home in Manchester very early in the morning. Another lie from the Conway office.

We told her that Abby was no longer with us, and a brief synopsis of what had happened. She had no further questions for us. Again, she gave us no support, no words of comfort to help us in dealing with our grief. What kind of nonsense is this?

November 15- Jen called and left us a message that she would like to talk to us. Being that we had already talked with her supervisor and she had no further questions for us, we did not call back. We had enough of their lies, and back pedaling. Of note: Why did it take Jen 4 business working days to call us? Why was there no emotional support for what we had been through…the worst of all being that we lost our daughter.