A regretful decision

Time Line of Events

June 21- Fired Kelly M. as Abby’s therapist. We had gone 3 months with NO communication from her at all. It was not working for Abby, or us as a family. We had mini explosions from Abby after almost every visit. We did explain to Abby that we didn’t feel Kelly was working for us as a whole, and she accepted that.

July 5- Jen called us to ask if we would be going back to Kelly. We had already told her in a prior phone call that we had fired Kelly for lack of communication. She badgered us about going back. We told her no, and she continued to hound us on the phone. In our opinion, this is not professional. She should have trusted in us that we knew what was best for Abby, and our family.

July 6- Started therapy with Alice

July 7-Started in home family therapy with Tammy. This we had to wait 8 weeks to get. This is TOO long for a family in need of support. It is our opinion that we could have had it much sooner if Jen was really trying to help. NO family should have to wait 8 weeks for therapy they need now. She could have placed them here, and then worked out the details with MA at a later date. This we feel was part of the destruction of the family unit.

Friday, July 16- Monthly visit from Jen. She talked with Abby outside, and then came in. She stated that Abby wanted to show her something in the bedroom, Jen proceeded to just walk right in like she owned the place. She never asked if it was okay to go upstairs, or anything like that. We thought this was extremely rude, but said nothing. About 10 minutes later, Abby came down stairs extremely upset, and in a flood of tears. We were shocked. Our first thought was that Jen had told her that she was removing her. After a couple minutes, it was stated that “she missed Kelly”. Considering that Abby had not mentioned Kelly in almost 4 weeks before this, we found it hard to believe that Jen didn’t prompt this outburst in some way. Since Jen had lied to us before, we did not trust that she had not prompted this. I told Jen this, and she states she didn’t say anything. I told her I didn’t believe her.

Abby never mentioned Kelly to anyone again. It is still our opinion that Jen brought up Kelly to spite us.

After this visit, we never really wanted to have Jen in the house again. She was not only not helping us, she was hindering us in making this work.

August 17- Monthly visit from Jen. Reminded her that August 26 was the date that we could file the papers. Told her she needed to put it in writing for the caseworker in MA. She didn’t file them until mid October.

September 3- Received letters from Tammy and Alice that stated this adoption should be put through ASAP in order to preserve Abby’s mental well being.

September 10- Abby’s caseworker from MA came up to visit. He was amazed at how well she was doing, and how far she had come.

September 28- Monthly visit from Jen. Told her again that she needed to put it in writing for MA to proceed with the adoption.

September 29- Jen gave the verbal okay to MA, then asked if she needed to put it in writing. She had already been told twice before this that she had to put it in writing. We believe this was a stalling tactic, and it caused problems for Abby’s mental well being.

October 4- Abby acted up at school. After a 4 hour session with Tammy, she concluded that Abby acted up because she was afraid the adoption was not going to go through. Being that the paperwork could have been filed almost two months ago, Abby thought it wasn’t going to happen.

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